Northwestern Wyoming

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Love is an unsalaried adjunct professor at the University of Wyoming, an adviser to graduate students in Laramie and in the field. The imaginations of graduate students have a tendency to go dark when the time arrives to choose a topic for a thesis. Typically, they say to him, “Everything has been done.” “Nonsense,” says the adjunct professor. “I can blindfold you and have you throw a dart at the geologic map of Wyoming, and wherever it hits you’ll find a subject for a thesis.” One day in Jackson Hole, in a small log cabin Love for many years used as a field office, I asked him if I could throw a dart at the geologic map of Wyoming. “Be my guest,” he said, and I sent one flying three times, scoring my first, third, and only Ph.D.s. The second zakelijke energie vergelijken one, for me, struck closest to home. It landed by Sweetwater Creek under Nipple Mesa, a couple of miles from Sunlight Peak in the North Absaroka Wilderness-eight miles from Yellowstone Park. “You have hit the Sunlight intrusives,” Love said, and somehow I expected the sound of falling coins. “The area has not been surveyed,” he continued. “There’s no grid. Along Sweetwater Creek are mineral springs and oil seeps. A consortium of major oil companies wants the region removed from wilderness designation.” The oil fields of the Bighorn Basin march across the sageland right to the feet of the Absarokas, he said, and their presence asks a great structural question: How far does the basin reach under the mountains? Since the Absarokas are made of volcanic debris, the oil seeping out of the banks of Sweetwater Creek could not have originated in Absarokan rock. He said he thought that the oil-bearing rock of the Bighorn Basin might go under the mountains all the way to Mammoth. I repeated the name Mammoth, trying to remember where it was, and then said, “That’s on the Montana border. It’s all the way across zakelijke energie Yellowstone Park.” He said, “Yes.” In i970, Love and his colleague J. M. Good had published a paper on this subject. After considering and rejecting a number of titles-seeking to fashion the flattest and drabbest appropriate phrase-they settled upon “Hydrocarbons in Thermal Areas, Northwestern Wyoming.”

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