Cape Cod

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They are higher than the highest dunes of Cape Cod, and they are lined up in rows four deep along the shore of Lake Michiganlongitudinal dunes, transverse dunes, parabolic dunes. Glacial effects. On our map of Indiana, three of them were called mountains. They were covered with sand cherries, marram grass, cottonwoods, jack pines, junipers, and bluebells, except where the wind that made them had returned to them later to tear great blowouts in their sides. On foot, we approached the base of Mt. Tom. Staring upward, Anita said, “Look at the size of that son of a bitch.” We climbed to the summit-to a view that might have pleased Balboa, had he been kantoor huren per uur breda fond of power plants. There was a power plant to our left, a power plant to our right-Gary, Michigan City. Chicago was a shimmer of structures up the lake. Chicago was underwater until two thousand years ago. The southern rim of Glacial Lake Chicago was the Valparaiso Moraine. As the lake level dropped, it left the makings of the Indiana Dunes. They are wind-built sands picked up from glacial till, so fresh that under a glass they are seen to be jagged. “It’s been ground up so recently it’s like the sand of Coney Island,” said Anita, looking at it through her hand lens. She held the lens to her eye and a palmful of sand close to the lens. “I see angular grains of red chert,” she said. “I see little fragments of igneous rock. I see amphibolite and red jasper-like the stuff that cut the grooves on Kelleys Island. I see red iron-oxide-coated quartz grains. You can see right through it to the quartz. I see little pieces of carbon. I seeĀ kantoor huren per uur amersfoort green chert. I see a bug crawling through the sand.” We sat in the lee of the top of Mt. Tom and watched whitecaps running o.n the lake. “As everybody knows, there are sand dunes in the Sahara,” Anita said. “As everybody does not know, there are also grooves in the Sahara like the ones on Kelleys Island. They were cut in the bedrock in the Ordovician, when the Sahara was in a polar position and the equator was in Montreal.”

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