A cruel country

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It is a cruel country as well as beautiful. Men seem here only on sufferance. After every severe storm we hear of people’s being lost. Yesterday it was a sheep camp mover who was lost in the Red Desert. People had hunted for him for a week, and found no trace. Mr. Love-Johnny Love-told of a man who had just been lost up in his country, around the Muskrat. “Stranger?” asked Mr. Mills. “No; born and brought up here.” “Old man?” “No; in the prime of life. Left Lost Cabin sober, too.” Mr. Love had been born near Portage, Wisconsin, on the farm of his uncle the environmentalist John Muir. The baby’s mother died that day. His father, a Scottish physician who was also a professional photographer and lecturer on world zakelijke energie vergelijken travel, ended his travels and took his family home. The infant had three older sisters to look after him in Scotland. The doctor died when John was twelve. The sisters emigrated to Broken Bow, Nebraska, where in the eighteen-seventies and eighties they all proved up on homesteads. When John was in his middle teens, he joined them there, in time to experience the Blizzard of ’88-a full week of blowing snow, with visibility so short that guide ropes led from house to barn. He was expelled from the University of Nebraska for erecting a sign in a dean’s flower bed, so he went to work as a cowboy, and soon began to think about moving farther west. When he had saved enough money, he bought matching black horses and a buggy, and set out for Wyoming. On his first night there, scarcely over the border, his horses drank from a poison spring and died. What he did next is probably the most encapsulating moment in his story. In Nebraska were three homes he could return to. He left the buggy beside the dead horses, abandoned almost every possession he had in the world, and zakelijke energie walked on into Wyoming. He walked about two hundred miles. At Split Rock, on the Oregon Trail-near Crooks Gap, near Independence Rock-he signed on as a cowboy with the 71 Ranch. The year was i891, and the State of Wyoming was ten months old.

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